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Sports Scholarships in USA
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High Schools &
Colleges in the USA
We introduce student-athletes to coaches & scouts in America, help them obtain scholarships or financial aid, assist in preparing all necessary documents
Academic Scholarships in USA
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Academic Opportunities
in the USA
Do you do well in school? Do you dance, sing or act? Perhaps you have a gift for drawing? All sort of talents are very much appreciated among academic institutions in the United States!
Train with professionals
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Star Camp in Chicago
All-inclusive basketball camp in the USA: play with Americans, explore
Chicago, experience unforgettable impressions!
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Academic & Athletic Opportunities for International Students

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Reach out to us and learn more about your chances of studying and playing sports in the United States of America. We will answer all your questions, describe the process in detail and share our knowledge of schools and colleges privately.


The NCAA regulates 24 different sports and AthletIQs represents not only basketball players. Athletes from different sports such as soccer, track and field, swimming, hockey, volleyball and the rest are more than welcome to enroll in our program.


Our long term experience and knowledge of the academic environment in the United States puts us in a position to provide opportunities for every student, whether you excel at academics, music, drama or art.


Over the years, AthletIQs has managed to build many relationships and gain the trust of prestigious high schools and colleges in the United States. It puts us in a position to provide exceptional conditions to our clients in the most outstanding academic institutions.


Based on your athletic & academic potential, we will present offers on behalf of schools and colleges in America, including financial aid proposals.


We have been in the scouting & recruiting business for over 12 years. It is best reflected not only in our well-polished business skills, but also in the many forged relationships that we cherish.


AthletIQs provides a personal and tailored service to every client. We do not team-up students in groups against their own interest. We are dedicated to bringing the very best offer to each client individually, based on their needs and potential. It is written in our service agreement.

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Our Commitment to Families

AthletIQs is legally obligated to represent families and their interests in the United States. All stages of the process are described in detail in the written service agreement.

Karolis Kalvaitis
Chief Executive Officer


Going to the United States for education & sports is not complicated at all, if you entrust experienced professionals to lead the process. We look after our clients from the day we agree to work together, up until the day they land in America.

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Preparation Process

Each student is asked to provide their academic transcripts, highlight video tape (student athletes) and Duolingo score in order to start promotion among the schools.


Based on your academic & athletic potential, we will present a few school options to choose from. Families always receive all the necessary information about possible destinations as well as our evaluations of certain academic institutions.


AthletIQs fills out all the necessary applications and submits documents on family’s behalf.

Complete Guidance

We will explain how agreements with schools work, advise on financial decisions and recommend the right health insurance. Moreover, we will help you prepare for the appointment at the U.S. Embassy.

Team Athletiqs

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Star Camp ’24 in Chicago invites basketball players from all over the world to play & practice with Americans, and explore one of the most beautiful cities in the USA. For your child’s convenience, we have taken care of the full camp package: flight tickets, accommodation and meals, basketball and leisure program.

Hoop & Travel with
Star Camp in Chicago


arturas milaknis


Arturas needs no introduction. He’s in TOP 10 Euroleague players of all-time in 3 pointers made, while holding the best percentage out of those who took over 1000 shots in total. From now on, he is available to everyone for individual practice.


Absolutely! Thanks to the large number of various academic institutions that we interact with in the U.S, our organization can surely find a unique opportunity for you, based on your talent and needs. Perhaps this is your once in a lifetime chance to earn a scholarship in the United States and take an ambitious step into a new chapter of your life?

Absolutely! How are you doing at school? Do you excel academically? Perhaps you can sing? Dance? Act? Draw? In America, schools are excited to have all sorts of gifted students on campus and can offer an academic scholarship in return.

Yes, most of them are expensive. This is where intermediaries such as ourselves can help by securing a full-ride or partial scholarship for you, based on your needs and level of talent. We will build your profile, collect all the necessary paperwork and present it to schools and colleges on your behalf. Our goal is to secure the best possible financial aid for you, while staying within your family’s budget.

Public schools are free of charge for U.S. citizens and/or legal residents. International students (F-1 visa holders) are not considered as ones. Foreign exchange students can still apply to public schools, though receiving free accommodation and food is highly unlikely, as well as getting any help with the process. All things considered, our organization believes private academic institutions provide a much better all-around package to international students.




There is no better way to prepare for American style of play than working out in the same style they do in U.S high schools and colleges. During his practices, Coach Tomas runs drills to improve dribbling, agility, shooting, footwork and defense. An exceptional focus is set on details, which truly make the difference. Practices are led in English.


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I met Karolis Kalvaitis through a recommendation from a friend when I was considering studying and playing basketball in the United States of America. Deciding to have Karolis as my agent for this journey turned out to be a smooth process. Throughout our collaboration, Karolis provided detailed information about the necessary steps, ensuring everything was clear and well-explained…
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Karolis Kalvaitis of AthletIQs and I have been acquaintances for many years, and throughout this time, we have experienced various situations together. With the assistance of AthletIQs, I embarked on a journey to attend the 10th grade at an excellent high school in America. However, after spending just half a year there, I returned home…
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I have known Karolis for over 10 years and I truly admire his dedication to helping young players pursue their dreams of playing basketball. I have worked with him in bringing players to the USA and each time he has followed through in a professional and timely manner throughout the process. I look forward to our continued relationship to help make many other dreams come true.
I consistently remind my parents that the greatest investment they ever made was affording me the opportunity to study and play basketball in the United States. Undoubtedly, it required courage and determination initially. I faced numerous challenges along the way, all of which contributed to my preparation for real-life situations. Today, I take immense pride in my education and …
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When considering AthletIQs, I view it as a gateway to opportunities and making the right life choices. Karolis Kalvaitis, the CEO of the company, embodies top-tier professionalism, consistently demonstrating an ability to see the broader perspective while attending to every detail. Throughout the preparation process for transitioning to high school life in the United States…
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If Arturas Milaknis were to withhold passing on his knowledge and basketball shooting skills to future generations, I would consider it a missed opportunity. I envision him as a formidable coach, not solely recognized for his exceptional shooting abilities by many fans, but also acknowledged by few for the intellect required to endure four years under the great basketball coach Sarunas Jasikevicius.
We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to connect with Karolis Kalvaitis and his dedicated team at AthletIQs. From the moment we first reached out to their office to the day our son was scheduled to depart for Washington, DC, the journey felt seamless. While the process certainly didn’t unfold overnight, requiring careful navigation through its complexities…
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Regimantas Ciunys UMBC 01

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