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Yes, most of them are expensive. This is where intermediaries such as ourselves can help by securing a full or partial scholarship for you, based on your needs and level of talent. We will build your profile, collect all the necessary paperwork and present it to schools and colleges on your behalf. Our goal is to secure financial aid while staying within your family’s budget. 

Boarding schools and colleges provide accommodation on campus while regular private schools suggest host families for you to live with.

Let’s get in touch first and get to know each other better. As we learn more about your talents and goals in life, we will be able to present you with opportunities and describe the process ahead. In order for us to start talking to schools or colleges, you will first be asked to provide academic transcripts, video footage (if you’re a student athlete) and successfully complete an English language proficiency test. Please, use this link to learn more about the process.

Financial aid is awarded based on need while a scholarship is provided based on merit. In America, it is against the law for academic institutions to pay any money to student athletes for their participation in sports. A full-ride scholarship releases the student from tuition fees and covers accommodation and meals on campus. In the case of a part-time scholarship, families must pay part of the price themselves.

The earlier, the better. Some of the best schools take cases of international students under consideration a year prior to actual departure. 

For best results, we want to go through the process without rushing. Starting early increases our chances to fill the best spots while they are still available.